Property Theft or Damage

We will send you a Property Loss/Damage Claim Form or you can download one here.

Claims Procedure:

Important: all claims must be registered within 30 days.

  1. Fully complete and sign the Claim Form and return to us via email.
  2. Obtain replacement Quotations for all damaged or stolen items and attach copies of original purchase Invoices, Instruction Manuals, etc. of the items as proof of ownership.
  3. If the claim involves stolen jewellery, then please include recent Valuation Certificates.
  4. Cell phone claims (lost or stolen) must be reported to the SAPS and the cell phone must be blacklisted with your service provider. The Blacklisting Confirmation must be sent to us along with the Claim Form.
  5. Crime related losses must be reported to the SAPS as this is a legal requirement.
  6. If items are damaged by lightning, water, fire, etc. then a Damage Report must be included with the claim documentation stating that the items are damaged beyond economical repair and/or repairable and what the cause of damage was. If the items can be repaired, the repair cost must be given on the Damage Report.
  7. All damaged items must be retained until the claim is settled as the Insurance Assessor may want to view the items or collect the salvage.

Always ensure that you keep all receipts and that you photocopy any correspondence that is associated with your claim.

Your Insurance Company will deal with your claim as swiftly and smoothly as possible if you are able to provide the information your Insurer requires.

The completed Claim Form and supporting documentation must be returned to

You will be kept informed and updated by our claims handler as to the progress of your claim.

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