Motor Theft / Hijacking

Please report the Theft or Hijacking to the SAPS immediately and obtain the Case Number from the SAPS. Inform us as soon as possible following the theft/hijacking.

Claims Procedure:

Important: all claims must be registered within 30 days.

  1. Download the Motor Theft / Hijacking Claim Form. The claim documents must be submitted to Insurers within 30 days from date of accident.
  2. Claim form must be returned to us in order to notify the insurer of your loss and to have an assessor appointed. Clear legible copies of your identity document and drivers licence will also be required to process and complete your claim.
  3. We’ll need a copy of your Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  4. Please ensure that the details are filled in on the Claim Form if the vehicle is financed (Name of Finance Company and Account Number).
  5. If your vehicle was fitted with a Tracking Device, please also enclose a copy of the Tracking Activation Report.
  6. Once your Claim has been submitted, you will need to obtain a letter from your Finance Company stating what the current settlement amount is on the vehicle. The completed Claim Form and supporting documentation must be returned to

You will be kept informed and updated by our claims handler as to the progress of your claim.

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