Motor Accident

Please inform us within 30 days following the accident/damage to your vehicle. Your insurer will require all relevant documentation and information pertaining to your claim.

Some helpful guidelines about what to do when involved in an accident:

  1. Make a note of: Date, Time and Place of accident.
  2. Get the Third Party’s Name, Address and Telephone Number, ID Number, Description of their vehicle, i.e. Make, Model, Registration No, extent of damage to their vehicle, the name of their insurer.
  3. Do not admit liability or blame for the accident to anyone.
  4. Try and find witnesses. Write down their names and addresses, contact numbers and where possible their impressions of the accident. Make note also of the police or traffic official’s number and workstation.
  5. Make a rough sketch of the position of the vehicle during the accident.
  6. Make sure you know where your vehicle is being taken, and ensure that the tower is SATRA approved. (Details below).
  7. Report the accident to the SAPS within 24 hours and obtain a Case Reference Number from the SAPS. This is a requirement by law and not only for insurance purposes.
  8. Download the Motor Accident Claim Form. The claim documents must be submitted to Insurers within 30 days from date of accident.

Claims Procedure:

Important: all claims must be registered within 30 days.

  1. Fully complete the Claim Form and return to us with enlarged, clear and legible copies of your Driver’s Licence and Identity Document front page.
  2. If your vehicle is driveable, please obtain a repair quotation from a SAMBRA approved Repairer/Panel Beater. If you do not know of any, please contact us and we will provide you with a list of repairers in your area.
  3. As soon as we receive the completed Claim Form, we will arrange for the vehicle to be assessed and for repairs to be authorized by the Insurer.
  4. If the vehicle was not driveable and towed to a towing yard, you must establish where the vehicle is as soon as possible as storage charges will be charged for the period the vehicle is there. The vehicle should be moved to a Repairer’s premises as soon as possible after the accident. Assessment will then be arranged at the Repairer’s premises as soon as the vehicle is moved there.


Towing costs are included as part of your claim. If you need to get hold of a tow truck, please call the SATRA 24 Hour Helpline at 086 107 2072 for assistance. They are in partnership with most of the major Insurance Companies. On collecting the vehicle after repairs are completed you will have to pay your Excess to the Panel Beater/Repairer.

Insurers will pursue Recovery of your Excess wherever possible if you were not to blame for the accident;

The completed Claim Form and supporting documentation must be returned to 

You will be kept informed and updated by our claims handler as to the progress of your claim.

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